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Canadian Financial Institutions

Ethidex: your Best Practice Solution

Federally regulated financial institutions can meet the expectations of the Office of the Superintendent of Financial Institutions in its Guideline E-13 Regulatory Compliance Management (RCM) .

As well they can carry out an enterprise-wide risk assessment to ascertain prudent management of business risks as outlined in OSFI's Corporate Governance Guideline.

Our methodology allows financial institutions to focus on managing their business rather than managing legislative changes. 

Checklists Are Not Enough

A best practice solution reduces risk and builds regulatory confidence. 

Are requirements and risks evaluated in the context of the business processes that are affected? 

We clarify the relevant risks and requirements in plain, industry-specific language and organize them by business process. 

Are appropriate auditable controls built into business processes to ensure on-going compliance and risk mitigation? 

We provide an efficient framework for controls documentation, assess- ment and reporting.  

Are managers and other responsible individuals:

  • Aware of the risks and requirements?
  • Accountable for control implementation and documentation?
  • Self-assessing control effectiveness?
  • Updating controls for a changing environment? 

The system provides an auditable workflow to manage accountability, documentation, assessment and reporting. 

We alert you to relevant changes that apply to your business and advise you on where they impact your business processes. 

We train and support your staff in using the Ethidex system on an on-going basis. 

A Reliable Basis for Attestation and Assurance

The dynamic documentation of requirements, risks, controls and policies within Ethidex establishes an effective foundation for attestation and reporting. At each point from management to the Board and then to the regulator, a well-maintained Ethidex database provides the basis for a reliable assertion of current and ongoing compliance.

Using the tools integrated in our system, Audit can efficiently carry out verification and testing of management’s controls documentation in order to provide assurance of accuracy and completeness to all stakeholders. 


Ethidex Advantage

Over 40% of all Federally Regulated Financial Institutions in Canada are Ethidex clients.

Since OSFI first brought in Guideline E-13 on Legislative Compliance Management, Ethidex has provided the best practice solution for Life Insurers, P&C Insurers, Banks and Trust & Loan Companies.

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