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The True Cost of Financial Crime

"How Regulatory and Financial Crime Compliance professionals can work diligently to mitigate risk while creating a competitive advantage for organizations they work with."

International Compliance Association


Ethidex is the industry standard

More Canadian financial institutions choose Ethidex™ to manage legislative and regulatory compliance than any other provider. Since the year 2000, we have developed and continuously enhanced Compliance Office™ to suit the needs of the industry and our 100+ clients in charge of managing business and compliance risks.

Our secure, web-based application combined with our well-organised plain language content provides an efficient and reliable solution to meet the expectations of industry regulators, directors, and internal auditors.


Custom regulatory modules provided by leading law firms

An Ethidex module organizes your regulatory requirements in a framework tailored to your business structure. Requirements are presented as plain language control objectives backed up by specific citations and links to full-text sources.

Our methodology is quite different from, and more efficient than, a "checklist" approach.

We begin with the fundamental business processes of a company and draft a clear set of control objectives in plain language that cover the requirements impacting your company.

This lets our clients manage compliance as part of their normal management structure.

With the assistance of Canada's leading law firms in each of our industry sectors, we update the modules quarterly to meet changing requirements.


Save time and save money

Web-based, secure, and backed up by our alliance with Rogers™, Compliance Office™ helps make The Ethidex Service the easiest and most cost-effective way to satisfy the risk-management and compliance expectations of your Directors, Auditors, Regulators and stakeholders.

  • Effectively organize information relating to the compliance function
  • Make common information accessible to all stakeholders
  • Enable clerical staff to handle administrative details of the compliance function


Ease the compliance burden

A business-oriented view of compliance risk and regulatory requirements
A powerful, integrated web-based tool, Compliance Office™


Stay up-to-date

Our regulatory modules are updated every quarter, based on a review by one of Canada's leading law firms. Modules are customized for each type of financial entity, presenting only the relevant aspects of the legislation.

  • Clarifies and organizes the legislative requirements that apply to your business
  • Provides a framework for documenting compliance controls
  • Alerts you to relevant changes in the regulations that apply to your business


Our service commitment

Our commitment is to ensure that our clients are active, satisfied Ethidex users.

To this end, we undertake to provide, at no additional cost, whatever ongoing support and training you may require in order to get the maximum value from our offering.