Custom regulatory content

allows financial instititions to focus on managing their business rather than managing legislative changes

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An Ethidex module is a set of digital documents

that organizes your regulatory requirements in a framework tailored to your business structure.


Canadian requirements

are presented as plain language control objectives backed up by specific citations and links to full-text sources. Modules are updated quarterly to meet changing requirements with the assistance of leading Law Firms.


International regulatory content

can be managed and updated using the Ethidex background tables of Compliance Office™. Updates can be processed centrally by corporate compliance or consultants and pushed out electronically to users, selected companies and departments.


Ethidex is your best practice solution

Our methodology allows financial institutions to focus on managing their business rather than managing legislative changes.

We clarify the relevant risks and requirements in plain, industry-specific language and organize them by business process.

Compliance Office™ provides an efficient framework for controls documentation, assessment and reporting.

years of experience

Years of experience

Since 2004 Ethidex has been developing and continuously enhancing Compliance Office™ to suit the needs of more than 100 clients to effectively manage business and compliance risks in accord with the prudent standards of Canadian regulators.

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