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Compliance Office™ is a leading SaaS solution chosen by complex corporations to manage Regulatory Compliance.

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Save time and money

Compliance Office™ is the easiest and most cost-effective way to satisfy the risk management and compliance expectations for Directors, Auditors, Reguators and other stakeholders.


Benefit from our experience

Since the year 2000, we have developed and continuously enhanced Compliance Office™ to suit the needs of our clients and the prudent management of compliance risk.



Service commitment

We provide unlimited ongoing support and training to ensure clients are active and satisfied users.

Success Starts with Compliance Office™

Compliance Management

  • Stay accountable for control implementation and documentation
  • Follow a consistent methodology across industries and countries

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Audit management

  • Build auditable controls into business processes to ensure ongoing compliance and risk mitigation
  • Self-assess on control effectiveness and risk exposure

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Risk management

  • Be aware of the risks and requirements
  • Update controls in a continually changing environment
  • Evaluate requirements and risks in the context of the business processes that are affected

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Customize and control compliance content for multiple companies in various locations.

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